Tuesday, February 23, 2021 FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER...

TO ALL CURRENT 820 SQUADRON MEMBERS: The last several months have been a very challenging time for all of us around the globe, and the Canadian Cadet Organization has not been unaffected by these events. The Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group, Brigadier-General D. Cochrane has extended the directive that no in-person activities for cadets is to occur until 1 October 2020 (this has now been extended to all cadet units in Halton Region for an indeterminate time).   820 Chris Hadfield Squadron has  resumed VIRTUAL training as of Monday, October 5, 2020.   The current status of community use permits in the Town of Milton precludes the use of physical space for the time being, so we will begin the 2020-21 Training Year virtually with the intent of transitioning to in-person training once it is both safe and practical.

TO PARENTS OF RETURNING CADETS:   If your child is a RETURNING CADET,   ANNUAL VERIFICATIONS (normally done in person) have been mailed out to your registered home address (and they have been e-mailed).   THESE ARE NOW LONG OVERDUE.   Please fill out, sign, and return to the address noted in the instructions.  Questions/concerns can be sent to Capt Brent Cross (the  820 Administration Officer) at adm.820squadron@gmail.com.  If your cadet is not returning, please advise Capt Cross via e-mail, who will then liaise with the Supply Officer for uniform return, and then proper release from the CCO.    If you are a TRANSFERRING CADET (from another Air, Sea, or Army unit) please e-mail Capt Cross who will then forward your request/information to the appropriate authority for processing.

NOTE:  Failure to return Verifications will likely preclude any summer training / advancement opportunities.

TO PARENTS OF NEW RECRUITS: If your child is at least 12 years of age, but not yet 19, and is interested in becoming a cadet for the first time, to ensure timely and accurate completion of enrollment documents, please email miltonaircadets@gmail.com.

UNIFORMS:  please be advised that at this time, there will be no uniform issues or upgrades / exchanges.  We are under strict "no cadet in person contact" orders which precludes us from dealing with any type of uniform issues.  As soon as this restriction is lifted we will restart the process for getting cadets kitted out and for exchanges.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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Regular VIRTUAL Training Night

Date:                Monday, March 1, 2021

Time:               1845 to 2030 hrs

Location:         Virtual

Dress:              CADETS - C3B Service Dress (wedge, open-collar shirt, nametag, undress ribbons, etc); RECRUITS - Black necktie, white button-up shirt / blouse, black slack/dress pants.

For further details, please review our Weekly Routine Orders (WROs). If you have any questions not answered by our FAQs, WROs, or the Google calendar, please email us at miltonaircadets@gmail.com.  Thank you.