Monday, July 12, 2021 FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER...

TO ALL CURRENT 820 SQUADRON MEMBERS:   We hope to resume in person activities for the 2021/2022 training year (starting in September) as regulations allow.   Keep up to date on our new Facebook Group 820RCACS for further information.

Summer Training: there are opportunities for 820 cadets to participate in day training (in person) at the Milton Fairgrounds in August. There are 2 serials (Aug 9-13 and Aug 16-20). A cadet may only participate in one serial. The focus is on Year 1 and 2 cadets but ALL cadets are welcome. If you are interested, you must contact Capt M Fox (the Training Officer) who will submit an application on your behalf. Her direct e-mail is
The deadline for applications is 15 Jul 2021...late applications will not be processed.
This is a great opportunity to finally get some "in person" cadet experience - especially if you are new to the program.

Registration Fees:  will resume in the fall of 2021 as we expect to transition back to in person training at that time.   We will be accepting new cadets (as of Sept 2021) for the 2021/2022 training year.  We plan on having "in person" registration in Sept (as Covid regulations allow) and updates on such will be made available via this webpage.

New Parade Night:  effective Sept 2021, Parade Nights will change to every Tuesday (instead of the current Monday).

New Communication Method:  effective June 28 2021,  Weekly Routine Orders (and all important Squadron information) will be sent out via a private Facebook Group.   CURRENT 820 Cadets/Parents/Guardians can request to join the group now by searching 820RCACS (no spaces) on Facebook and answering 3 security questions.  For those parents/guardians who do not want their cadets on social media, the responsibility will then fall to parents/guardians to retrieve the information and forward to their son or daughter.  This change in information distribution will ensure 100% communication for all relevant members of the 820 team.

TO PARENTS OF RETURNING CADETS:   If your child is a RETURNING CADET (FROM THE PREVIOUS TRAINING YEAR),   ANNUAL VERIFICATIONS will likely be completed "in person" come Sept (along with the payment of fees).  We hope to have at least one full day of "in person" contact to facilitate this.    Questions/concerns can be sent to the  820 Administration Officer at  If your cadet is not returning, please advise the AdminO via e-mail, who will then liaise with the Supply Officer for uniform return, and then proper release from the CCO.    If you are a TRANSFERRING CADET (from another Air, Sea, or Army unit) please e-mail the AdminO who will then forward your request/information to the appropriate authority for processing.

TO PARENTS OF NEW RECRUITS: If your child is at least 12 years of age, but not yet 19, and is interested in becoming a cadet for the first time, information regarding "in person" registration (in Sept) will be made via this webpage over the summer months.   Click on the "Join Air Cadets" link for specific requirements and documents.   New cadet registrations will not be accepted/completed until September 2021.

CADETS THAT DID NOT PARTICIPATE DURING THE 2020/2021 TRAINING YEAR:  you have been removed from the system (by our Detachment) and are no longer enrolled in the program (820 had no control over this action as it was done at a higher level).   If you wish to return you will have to complete a re-enrollment process in the Fall (when the 2021/2022 training year begins).  Note that requests to join the private FB Group will be declined until the re-enrollment process has been completed.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

UNIFORMS:  please be advised that at this time, there will be no uniform issues or upgrades / exchanges.  We are under strict "no cadet in person contact" orders which precludes us from dealing with any type of uniform issues.  As soon as this restriction is lifted we will restart the process for getting cadets kitted out and for exchanges.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  We have taken possession of the new FTU style uniforms and will likely try and issue these by the start of the 2021/2022 training year (hopefully sometime in August).

NEW 820 Kit Shop!

(Scroll until you see our Squadron crest and then enter the password : 820CH)

Parents/Guardians of 820 squadron cadets: we require volunteers for the Support Committee. With the probable return to "in person" activities in the fall, expenses are expected to jump considerably and we need all the assistance we can get.  Most importantly we require a Treasurer and Secretary. For the Treasurer position some accounting background would be preferable but willing to train.
If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to our Admin Officer at: and we will get you in touch with the Chairperson Mr. Donald Alva.
I can't stress enough the importance of having a well outfitted Support Committee....the success of the cadet program depends heavily on such!
Thank you in advance for your consideration with this very important matter!!!




Regular VIRTUAL Training Night

Date:                820 is now "stood down' for the summer break.  Parade nights will resume in Sept 2021

Time:               1845 to 2030 hrs

Location:         Virtual

Dress:              CADETS - C3B Service Dress (wedge, open-collar shirt, nametag, undress ribbons, etc); RECRUITS - Black necktie, white button-up shirt / blouse, black slack/dress pants.

For further details, please review our Weekly Routine Orders (WROs). If you have any questions not answered by our FAQs, WROs, or the Google calendar, please email us at  Thank you.