Mr. Donald Alva

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April Skorez

A NOTE REGARDING DONATIONS:  while the DND/CF side of the cadet program is free...the Air Cadet League (a separate entity entirely) handles many financials including insurance liability, airplane maintenance, office administration etc.  In turn, they charge every Air Cadet squadron a fee for each cadet that is a member (to cover their costs).   Consequently, the 820 Squadron Support Committee gets a substantial invoice to pay every year based on the number of cadets.  This is unique to the Air Cadet program (Army and Sea are not billed these expenses by their Leagues).  At the same time,  the Support Committee also has to raise the funds for our accommodations (for example, the school rental and the storage unit facilities).  For 820, this amounts to almost $20,000 per year just for the school and the storage.   So if you are wondering why registration fees are necessary...this should provide a good idea.  Yes, technically the cadet program is free...but a lot of the costs to actually run the program lies solely with the Support Committee (hence annual fees and tagging/fundraising events).

NOTE: The collection of DONATIONS and/or 820 financials is the sole responsibility of the Support Committee (chaired by Mr. Donald Alva - he can be reached at [email protected] for questions and or concerns - 820 CIC/Staff are not involved in this process in any way.

As per Mr Alva's direction the expected donation will be $200.00.   This will be payable in cash only and a receipt will be given.  Cheques will no longer be accepted as there have been too many returned NSF (which then costs the SSC more money in bank charges).  NOTE:  this donation is NON-REFUNDABLE once your cadet joins.


Squadron Support Committee Volunteers:

If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail to [email protected] the Chairperson Mr. Donald Alva.