Supply Officer:  Capt Mike Cameron, CD


Hours:  Tuesday nights commencing Oct 2021 (and other times to be determined)

Location:  Smartstop Self-Storage, 530 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 3H6


820 cadets will be issued 2 uniforms.  The Field Training Uniform (FTU) is to be worn most parade nights and for field exercises.  The Dress Uniform (DEU) will be worn for special occasions such as CO Parade's, Remembrance ceremonies, our Annual Ceremonial Review, etc.

We are currently attempting to outfit all current 820 cadets with the new FTU.  Once that is done we will concentrate on the DEU (we recognize that after being shut down for in person for close to 1.5 years nothing is going to fit properly anymore).

For those cadets that are waiting for uniform pieces to arrive (from our supplier), please wear dark shoes, dark pants and a white shirt/blouse.  This applies to all cadets.

New cadets:  must wait 6 weeks from the date of joining to be eligible for uniform fitment and issue.  While waiting, please wear dark shoes, dark pants and a white shirt/blouse.

Please be patient as this process is going to take some time.