Sponsoring Committee

Squadron Sponsoring Committee

Sponsoring committees are community-level organizations that coordinate local support for the Cadets. Depending on the unit, their make-up varies and they can include interested parents, community members, service clubs, town councils and corporations. The terminology also varies. For example, Sea Cadets call their sponsoring committees “Navy League branches”, while Army Cadet corps may call them “support committees”. The Royal Canadian Air Cadets refer to this group as the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).
In certain situations, a parent committee is the unit’s official sponsor, while in others it provides support for the sponsoring committee.

Sponsoring committees are responsible for:

  • providing suitable accommodation for cadet training and activities
  • promoting the Cadet Program to the community
  • fundraising and managing funds for additional activities not supported financially by the Canadian Forces
  • Monthly Meetings

For further information on the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, and the Air Cadet League-Ontario Provincial Committee, please visit the Air Cadet League website at http://www.aircadetleague.on.ca/

Sponsoring Committee Contact Information:

Email:   ssc.820sqn@gmail.com

Phone Number:  (289)  635-9026

2015-2016 SSC Executive

Regional Team Leader: Mr. Stephen Thomson

  • Chair:  Mr. Robin Fryer
  • Vice-Chair:  Vacant
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Dobrowolski
  • Secretary: Mrs. Sree Krothapalli
  • Member:
    • Mrs. Lisa Boehmer
    • Mrs. Mankiewicz
    • Mrs. Seema Saxena
  • Program Development Officer: Mrs. Jackie Villaneuva

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